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Filter Kit Mack Volvo UD

  • exceeds OEM specifications
  • superior life performance
  • heavy-duty
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Donaldson Truck Oil & Fuel Filter Kit for:

MACK Granite 85114535 Pre-2017
MP7 11L / MP8 13L / MP10 16L
Nissan UD GH11TB-C 10.8L, GE13TD 13.0L CK CW GK GW (FK035)
QUON CK17 380, CW26 380, GK17 420, GW26 420, GW26 470 (pre-2017)
Volvo FM FH D9 D16 pre-2017
M9 FM11 FM13 FH12 FH13 FH16, D9 SCR EURO 4, D11C EURO 5, D13A EURO 4,
D13B EURO 4, D13C EURO 5, D16E EURO 4, D16G EURO 5 (pre-2017)

Cross Reference: MK14224 | RSK144

Donaldson’s extensive range of Fuel & Oil Truck Filter Kits provide the performance and reliability needed for modern diesel engines, as well as providing great value and savings. All kits have been carefully researched and catalogued to ensure they provide the necessary oil and fuel filters required to perform a standard service. Donaldson kits cover the most popular truck makes and models and with over 60 kits to choose from, there’s no need to look any further for your filtration requirements. Donaldson Filter Features:Performance – full-flow, high efficiency, long life :: Quality – heavy duty and built to last :: Reliability – meets or exceeds OEM specifications :: Guaranteed – Designed to meet or exceed OE requirements, our products are built to the highest standard, utilising quality materials and backed by a full aftermarket warranty.

Kit X903273 Includes:
1x Fuel Filter – P550529
Outr.Diam: 107.5 mm (4.23 inch)
Thread Size: M32 x 1.5
Length: 262 mm (10.31 inch)
Gasket OD: 99 mm (3.90 inch)
Gasket ID: 90.3 mm (3.56 inch)
Eff. 99%: 5 micron
Eff.Test Std: SAE J1985
Style: Spin-On
Media Type: Cellulose
Cross Reference: VOLVO 20430751

1x Fuel Filter – P551838
Outr.Diam: 109 mm (4.29 inch)
Thread Size: 1-14
Length: 128 mm (5.04 inch)
Gasket OD: 102.1 mm (4.02 inch)
Gasket ID: 91.2 mm (3.59 inch)
Bowl Thread: 3 1/8-10 UN
Eff. 90%: 30 micron
Eff.Test Std: ISO 4402/11171
Type: Water Separator
Style: Spin-On
Cross Reference: MACK 21017305

2x Oil Filter – P551807
Outr.Diam: 108 mm (4.25 inch)
Thread Size: 1 1/8-16 UN
Length: 262 mm (10.31 inch)
Gasket OD: 99 mm (3.90 inch)
Gasket ID: 90 mm (3.54 inch)
Eff. 99%: 21 micron
Eff.Test Std: ISO 16889
Media Type: Cellulose
Type: Full-Flow
Style: Spin-On

1x Oil Filter – P550425
Outr.Diam: 109 mm (4.29 inch)
Thread Size: 1 3/8-16 UN
Length: 263 mm (10.35 inch)
Gasket OD: 101 mm (3.98 inch)
Gasket ID: 92 mm (3.62 inch)
Eff. 50%: 5 micron
Eff. 99%: 21 micron
Eff.Test Std: SAE J806
Media Type: Cellulose
Type: Bypass
Style: Spin-On
Cross Reference: VOLVO 4775565




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